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Cryptalert is a tool to be alerted on your favorite coins across multiple platforms. Easy and effective. Create free alerts about everything around the crypto world.

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Your alerts synchronized everywhere.

Your alerts are synced across all platforms.
Download Cryptalert on all your devices.

Never late

Our algorithms run continuously on multiple servers to be sure that we never miss an alert and notify you without delay. You can trust us.

Free to use

We not have a paid plan, you have access to everything for free (sms alerts is the only paid feature due to sms cost, we do not earn money with that).

Unlimited alerts

Whether it's on the price of the Bitcoin or Ethereum, the dominance of Bitcoin or the events about the Stratis, create as many alerts as you want.

Available everywhere

On your desktop, tablet, mobile device or directly in your browser. Always on, always available, always backed up.

We support what you need

400+ coins, 10+ exchanges

You can create alerts on more than 400 cryptocurrencies and we add new coins every week.

Because we are aware of the price fluctuations between exchanges you can create alerts by specifying it.

Create your timelines

We are where you are

Choose where to be alerted

Choose where you want to receive each alert, we never want to disturb you.

Email, Sms, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, IOS, Android, Slack, Discord, we are sure that you will find what you need.

Import your accounts

We are social

Share technical analysis

A lot of people spend time analyzing different cryptos projects. We want help them to share these analyzes.

Follow the best analysts to be alerted when a new analyse is published.

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